• High sensitivity OEM spectrometers with high grating efficiency, few optical components and low f-number - high numerical aperture

  • Complete FREEDOM in your instrument design - small size and low weight, robust and thermally stable, flexible configurations in your OEM spectrometers

The robustness and low unit-to-unit variation of Ibsen’s spectrometers have enabled FOSS to deliver instruments for in-line process control in harsh environments and requiring minimal installation and maintenance effort. – Niels Degn,  FOSS A/S

I am using Ibsen spectrometers in many of my projects because they provide the high performance, I need, in a convenient ultra-compact form factor. – Gajendra Singh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ibsen’s unique transmission grating-based spectrometer technology has enabled us to bring innovative and truly differentiating products to the market.– Ruud Bouten, Admesy

We value the great support and flexibility that the Ibsen team provided during our integration of their spectrometer module.– Christian Krause, Viso Systems

No matter the request, from complex custom designs through fast and faster deliveries, Ibsen has always been there to support us with the most efficient and courteous service. They repeatedly achieved the impossible in order to supply us with the best quality phase masks in record time.– Julie Grondin, MPB Technologies

We are thankful for all the support and speedy responses we get from Ibsen, it is refreshing and very much appreciated to have such a supplier. – Craig Tombling, Cobalt Light Systems


Meet Ibsen Photonics at


OFC 2015

March 24th-26th, 2015
Los Angeles Convention Center,
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Ibsen will not have a booth at OFC this year, but Kristian Buchwald, VP Gratings, will be present
at this event. Contact him at kjb@ibsen.dk, if you would like to arrange a meeting.


Ibsen Photonics is hiring


Vacant positions

Does solving technical issues for customers make your day? We are hiring a hardware/software Engineer with experience in technical sales support for our spectrometer business.

Please see more information on this job here.




Phase Masks, Interrogation Monitors, OEM Spectrometers, Transmission Gratings

Ever since being established in 1991, Ibsen Photonics has been the leader in fused silica transmission gratings, with main products today including Phase masks, telecom gratings, pulse compression gratings and spectrometer gratings. By combining unique optical design capabilities with superior transmission grating technology, Ibsen Photonics supplies compact, OEM spectrometer modules for applications such as UV, VIS, NIR, Raman, OCT, and fiber sensing. While our ambition with our web-site is to provide extensive information on our products and capabilities for you here at our web-site, we are widely recognized for our ability to work closely with our customers to provide dedicated solutions. We want to talk with you and our site includes many possibilities to initiate a dialogue.